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Aim: To ensure that material wherever possible is purchased from known suppliers that have FSC COC certification.
Position Responsible: COC Manager


• The company uses the approved suppliers detailed in Appendix 1
• Certification details are verified twice yearly, as a minimum, or when certificates are due to expire by reference to the FSC International database (
• Screen shots of the twice yearly checks are maintained on file for 5 years.
• Prior to issuing purchase orders the supplier list is consulted to ensure that suppliers have valid certificates for the duration of the contract
• Written Purchase Orders for certified board and paper products include product codes and should specify that the timber to be supplied will be ‘FSC’ certified
• Purchase Orders are recorded as part of normal business practice on the company Management Information System .
• If order acknowledgements are sent they are checked prior to delivery of finished goods to ensure they contain correct references to COC certification

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About Us

Egyptian American for veneer & Lumber Co.

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