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Goods in & Storage

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Aim: To ensure that all items received conform to the requirements of the purchase order, and are accompanied by any necessary and/or relevant paperwork Position Responsible: Factory Manager

• A copy of the COC Approved Supplier List is made available to the Factory Manager
• Warehouse staff check delivery documents to ensure that, where applicable, materials are FSC i.e. supplier COC codes are present, the correct FSC claim is being made and that products are clearly identified as being certified (by description or identifying letters).
• If delivery notes do contain the correct information the material is accepted, stored in defined bays and booked into stock.
• If delivery notes do not contain the correct information, the material is quarantined before the information is passed to the COC Manager for clarification
• Tally between expected (PO) and delivered goods is undertaken and delivery notes altered and signed accordingly
• All goods in paperwork is stored on site
• All plain MDF purchased will be FSC by default and will require no further marking
• Any other product sourced for FSC work will be clearly identified by means of a pallet label

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