25 May 2015

Cherry European

Color: Initially a soft pink, when exposed to light the wood takes on a warm tone. Fine pores, very uniform and typically exhibiting a semi gloss.
25 May 2015


Color: The heartwood is yellow-brown to chocolate brown, depending on the type of wood, streaked with lighter, more yellowish veins.
25 May 2015


Color: Initially pink, Sapelli darkens in time to a deep red-brown. Character of the grain: Depending on the type of cut, interesting effects can be achieved: quarter-slicing yields a plain veneer pattern with the glossy…
25 May 2015

Santos Rosewood

Color: The lighter red and more striking the color, the higher is the value of the wood.
18 August 2014


Color: Heartwood from bright olive yellow to gold-brown (similar to teak). The wood darkens when allowed to dry further and takes on a yellowish color.
18 August 2014


Trade name: Aniegre, Aningré, Longhi Color: Reddish-gray to light yellow-brown

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